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Recovery and valorization of maritime, military and industrial heritage of the Atlantic Area coast.
Ayuntamiento de Ferrol. Galicia (ES)

Ferrol is a city on the Atlantic coast in north-western Spain. It has an urban population of 68,308 (2,016) and a metropolitan area population of over 192.167 in a region named “Comarca de Ferrol” about 613,4 km2 . The city of Ferrol has been a major naval shipbuilding center for most of its history. Ferrol is one of the galician cities with the most important town´n heritage. In fact, Ferrol has been submited in 2018 the candidacy for Unesco World Heritage as “City of Ferrol: Port of Illustration” (“Cidade de Ferrol: Porto da Ilustración”).

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Câmara Municipal de Ílhavo. Centro (PT)

Located at the Center of Portugal and double-crossed by channels from Ria de Aveiro lagoon, the Municipality of Ílhavo, with an extension of 75 square quilometers and about 40.000 inhabitants, it is bounded, at north, by the harbour entrance channel – connecting this lagoon to the Atlantic Ocean and extending itself through a wide flat area, between a wide green area of National Forest and an extensive coastline of golden sand beaches – the iconic beaches of Barra and Costa Nova.

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Ville de La Rochelle. Poitou-Charentes (FR)

The City of La Rochelle has a long and rich maritime history, heavily influenced by trade, fishing and its former position as a Protestant stronghold. In the past and in the present, the successive ports in La Rochelle largely contributed to the development of the city and paced the life of the people living here, between land and sea.

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Ayuntamiento de Cádiz. Andalucia (Huelva, Cádiz and Sevilla) (ES)
The city of Cadiz is a Spanish municipality situated in the South of the Iberian Peninsula, in the extreme South West of Europe in the autonomous region of Andalusia. It is the capital of the Province that takes its name and forms part of the urban area of the Bay of Cadiz, the third biggest population centre in Andalusia.

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Pôle métropolitain Caen Normandie métropole. Basse Normandie (FR)

The Caen Normandy Metropolitan District(DNMD) is a public institution set up by agreement between public intermunicipal cooperation institutions with its own tax system, with a view to actions of metropolitan interest, in order to promote a model of development, sustainable development and territorial solidarity.

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Plymouth City Council. Devon (UK)
The port of Plymouth has a rich maritime history based on fishing, trade and a long and continuing association with the Royal Navy. The sea has touched the lives of everyone who has lived in or visited the port. The sea continues to shape the modern City.

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Cork is Ireland’s second city, located in the south west of the country at the western edge of the second deepest natural harbour in the world. While a settlement and an ecclesiastic foundation are known at Cork since early Christian times, the Vikings fully recognized and capitalized on Cork’s favourable location as a ‘safe harbour for ships’ over a thousand years ago. They built a town on an island in the estuarine marsh at the lowest bridging point on the broad river Lee. The town connected land routes from the north to the wider world via the river Lee and Cork harbour to the south, and as such, occupied a strategic location in the surrounding topography.  As the town prospered through time, new land for its expansion was eked out through reclamation of the surrounding marsh, and its urban form changed from an island settlement to a significant medieval walled town following the Norman Conquest. From the early modern era, Cork was often the last port called to before ships left Europe, and since the 17th century Cork city and harbour served as a provisioning port for ships heading west into the open Atlantic and to the new world. 

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Limerick City and County Council. Southern and Eastern (IE)

Limerick City is almost 1,100 years old and gives its name to “The Limerick” a popular five-line humorous poem, thought to be derived from the 18th century Maigue Poets of Croom, Co. Limerick. Limerick has been a Viking settlement, a medieval walled town, a Georgian city and is now amodern, vibrant metropolitan area with a rich and historic hinterland.The cultural profile of Limerick is as multiple and diverse as its citizens and landscape.

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Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership Destination Management Organisation. Merseyside (UK)

Liverpool City Region is an economic and political area of England centred on Liverpool, which incorporates the local authority districts of Halton, Knowsley, Sefton,St Helens, and Wirral. A population of over 1.5million and an economy worth £29.5 billion and more than 600 000 people in employment.

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