MMIAH - project

Recovery and valorization of maritime, military and industrial heritage of the Atlantic Area coast.

Project description

One of the main features of the Atlantic Area is its maritime dimension, which gives this territorial area a strong cultural identity. The proximity to the sea has led to a common development pattern, both economic and urban in coastal cities, closely linked to the sea and the maritime industry, and even military settlements, by the geostrategic position of many of these cities.

The crisis of industrial activity linked to the sea and the reduction of military presence have led to the degradation of many of these facilities, which have fallen into disuse and generated in their surroundings an urban landscape of environmental and heritage degeneration.

The MMIAH project is committed to the value enhancement of the urban coastal edge of the Atlantic Area through the recovery of disused asset associated with the military, maritime and industrial heritage of coastal cities, facilitating their social use and generating value added activities around them in order to promote cultural tourism as a factor of economic sustainability.

This project specific goals are:

– Recover the historical memory of Atlantic cities, their growth and development linked to its maritime, industrial and military heritage;

– Recover these heritage sites which have been abandoned for public use;

– Establish a joint model of sustainable management and use planning of the mentioned heritage translatable to other cities of the Atlantic Area;

– Promote the participation of civil society in the “ownership” of the new uses of maritime, military and industrial heritage;

– Develop cultural tourism through historical reenactment, promoting the Atlantic identity around these abandoned assets in the coastal edge;

– Encourage the economic sustainability of these spaces including them as an essential part of the cultural and tourism offer of the cities.